Welcome to Dance586!

Dance is not a competition, it’s a passion

Dancing enhances your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. At Dance586 we believe the Art of dancing is all about enjoying yourself and having fun with others while sharing and creating fun memories.

Prior to COVID Dance586 taught individuals and couples to socially dance the popular social dancing styles. The team of professional instructors at Dance586 provided private tuition to individuals and couples in the styles of Latin American, Ballroom, Street Latin and New Vogue. 

At Dance586 our principles were based on every individual being different. The private tuition we provided enabled our students to learn to dance at their pace. We catered to all levels of social dancers from complete beginners to the most advanced.

We hosted an extensive range of social nights spread throughout the year. From informal dance socials to dinner dances and shows to a yearly black-tie masquerade ball and annual fundraiser events, our students were given every opportunity to implement their new life skills.

Covid changed everyone’s life around the world, there is not one person that did not get affected by Covid. It has now changed the way that we view dancing and the importance today of engaging with our community, opening the opportunity for everyone to have access to learning to dance and experience a  wonderful opportunity to socialise and form wonderful friendships through our group classes.