COVID Safety Information

November 2021 – All teachers and clients attending their dance lessons are vaccinated.

Health and Safety for our clients and the Dance586 Team is very important at Dance586. We aim to ensure that everyone entering the studio can feel safe and confident that they are surrounded by vaccinated teachers and students.

Dancing is a close contact sport and we understand and respect the importance of being vaccinated to protect our clients, family, friends, our community and ourselves.

All of our students and the Dance586 Team have provided proof of their COVID Vaccination certificate prior to returning to the studio. The teachers have also agreed to have their certificates available in the event that a request is made to provide proof.

If you are not enrolled as a student at Dance586 you will be asked to provide proof of your vaccination prior to your visit to the studio.

January 2021

As a company, we value the safety of all who enter Dance586 and want to make sure everyone can feel safe and confident to enter the studio.

At Dance586 we have made many changes to the studio, these changes are all part of our COVID Plan. We want to ensure you and our team of teachers can feel safe to be at Dance586.

We ask that you please take some time to read through this page as it contains very important information regarding your safety and others, while in the studio. 

The Dance586 Team have all completed their Infection Control Course in mid – December 2020 via Monash. This was to ensure that everyone was well aware and equipped with the appropriate information required to help provide a safe environment at Dance586. Such as implementing standard and transmission-based precautions, identifying infection hazards, and assessing and responding to infection risks. Including the appropriate use and disposal of masks.

Face Mask: An important form of protection because of the nature of dancing and the close proximity that you are with your instructor. Regulations on when they are to be worn are on this government website

Hand Sanitising Stands: There are a number of Gel Hand Sanitising Stands around the studio as well as some Spray Sanitiser Dispensers. All sanitisers are hands-free and do not require you to touch anything, just place your hands underneath, move them around and voila let the sanitisation process begin.

Hands – Free: We have tried to make sure that you can stay as safe as possible by upgrading all of our bathroom taps and kitchen taps to hands-free motion sensor taps. Soap Dispensers are also hands-free.
Hands are only to be washed in the bathroom and not the kitchen sink, this can lead to contamination of surrounding areas, and is not safe.

Bathrooms: In the bathroom, the water has been regulated to cold/warm and all you need to do is put your hands under the sensor soap dispensers and then under the sensor taps, dry your hands with the paper towels and throw the paper towels in bins provided by using your foot to open the bin.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, the tap is only to be used to get a cold drink of water as the sensor tap has been set to cold. Plastic cups have been provided via a dispenser, where all you are required to touch is your own disposable cup, instructions are provided on the actual device to explain how to remove one cup at a time and not get stuck with three or four cups in your hand. (If that is the case and you pull out more than one, do not try to put the cups back in, it is unsanitary. Just keep them and you can take them home or keep in your dancing bag for next time).

Toilets: All of the toilet cubicles (2 in the Ladies & 1 in the Men’s toilet) have had a sanitiser wipe dispenser unit installed. The wipes are Saniflex  75% alcohol antibacterial surface wipes. Which you can choose to use to wipe down the area you wish to sanitise before touching the toilet or door handles, this has been made available for use at your own discretion. (All you will touch is the wipe itself, signage will be provided on how to use and dispense of it once used).

Your Teachers Work Station: Each teacher has got their own work station, everything is computerised. You do not need to touch anything. Each teacher will have the following:

– Computer for all lesson bookings and lesson blocks.

– Bottle of sanitising and disinfecting spray and gloves to clean their allocated area after each student. 

– 30-litre white bins that you can use to dispose of your tissues, masks, etc. (Bins are opened via the foot pedal).

– Gel Hand Sanitising Stand.

– Box of tissues (Kleenex Eucalyptus).

– Chairs for the student/s that will be on a lesson with their teacher.

Where To Sit: There are four teacher work stations allocated on the far side of the room, as you enter the studio you will see four desks with computers on them. On the other side which is on your right as you enter the studio are eight chairs underneath a window with a black table and a fan. Above the chairs there will be a sign with your teacher’s name, this is where you go to sit to wait/get yourself organised for your lesson. Once your lesson is about to start you then take your things to the chairs next to your teachers work station. This is where you will leave your things and then prepare to then leave the studio at the end of your lesson.

Airflow: We understand that airflow is very important and we are very lucky to have 10 windows in the studio that can be opened to allow for fresh air to flow through the studio. We also have fans to allow for more air to be circulated. 

How To Pay For Your Lessons: Payment will no longer be taken by your teacher. There are two options to make your payments:

1. Via Netbanking – If you would like to do net banking (transferring funds into our account) please let us know and we will provide you with the banking details.

2. Credit Card – If you wish to pay by credit card we can contact you and arrange it over the phone at a time that works for you.

Having a Yarn: One of the things that people may be looking forward to is seeing their Dance586 friends or meeting new people. However, it is important to keep in mind that you don’t know who feels comfortable and who doesn’t feel comfortable to be approached by someone else for a yarn. 
Therefore to avoid any awkward or uncomfortable interactions once you are indoors, it is best not to stand or sit around and have a conversation, this can only happen once you have left the studio and are outside. Plus it is not that comfortable having to chat with someone while wearing your mask. You spend half the time saying, what? pardon? I can’t hear you.
Basically, you are coming into the studio, having you dance lesson and then leaving as soon as possible to allow the teachers to clean the areas and the next student to comfortably commence their lesson.

Just a reminder that our lesson times are limited, especially now that we lose lesson time slots per day due to the 15 minute cleaning times. All lessons are on the hour. If you are having a double lesson, your lesson will go for the straight 1.5 hours, for example, if it is at 1pm it will finish at 2:30, there is no 15-minute break in between. 

We hope that you feel safe and confident to enter Dance586 and can have a wonderful experience, dancing.